CLOU Has delivered the First Solar, Energy Storage & Diesel Hybrid Off-Grid System in Rwanda


Recently, the First Solar, Energy Storage and Diesel Hybrid Off-Grid System in Rwanda which is jointly constructed by SAET S.p.A., remotegroup and Shenzhen Clou Electronics Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "CLOU"), has completed the acceptance and commissioning work and officially launched online. The project includes 1.5MW PV, lMW diesel and 1.5MW/3WMh ESS, which will provide clean and stable power for new university in Rwanda.


In the project of 1.5MW/3MWh solar, energy storage and diesel hybrid off-grid system in Rwanda, we use the NCM battery pack that developed and produced by WUXI CL New Energy Technology Co.,Ltd ( Joint venture between CLOU and LG Chem ). The battery has high energy density, long cycle life and excellent consistency. Based on excellent integrated design capability of CLOU energy, the battery temperature difference in the actual operation of the project is less than 3℃, which provides a guarantee for the long-term and stable operation of the battery system. The whole system uses modular design, which can realize fault location fast. CLOU has established the whole life cycle service system of the project through the localized ESS management platform. Based on the data analysis of energy storage operation, the design of the system is continuously optimized, and the operation optimization suggestions are provided for the project owner.


During project delivery, CLOU, SAET S.p.A. and RemoteGROUP worked together to overcome a number of technical problems, identify and avoid risks, successfully completed the project online on schedule, and realized the develop of Rwanda's solar, energy storage and diesel hybrid off-grid system from nothing.


Rwanda has been plagued by power shortage for a long time, while PV resources is abundant. As the first project of solar, energy storage and diesel hybrid in Rwanda, it produce strong demonstration effect in the whole Africa. The government and power energy group in Rwanda attach great importance and place great hopes on the project. They visited the site twice to observe the debugging and trial operation during the period of project debugging. It is expected that there will be explosive growth in Rwanda's demand for solar, energy storage and diesel hybrid system in the near future.

Rwanda project is the first time that solar, energy storage and diesel hybrid system of CLOU enter in the Africa market. Although we have some problem during the debugging, CLOU team has solved the problems by rich practical experience in ESS projects and strong technical ability. The performance of the product and the cooperation ability of the team have been highly recognized by international partner named SAET S.p.A and local owner named Remotegroup. It has successfully become a demonstration project in Africa. Under the good demonstration of Rwanda project, the Kenya, Cameroon and other projects cooperated by CLOU and international partners are about to start. CLOU’s exploration of energy storage market in Africa will be irresistible.


Because of the rapid progress of PV technology and the continuous reduction of cost, in the next 2-3 years, PV will become the most economic power source in most regions of the world. When the electricity generated by PV accounts for about 20% of the total electricity, energy storage will become a necessity. PV+ energy storage will replace traditional energy on a large scale when PV power generation is economical enough. Realizing zero-carbon emission manufacturing of the whole industrial chain, and repairing the earth's ecology, thus becoming the ultimate solution of human energy.

In the future, CLOU will continue to rely on excellent technology and services to bring high-quality energy storage products to the world and build a world-class energy service provider!

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