EES Europe Grand Opening CLOU Energy Storage Shines in Munich


In 15th-17th, Shenzhen Clou Electronics Co., Ltd (Hereinafter referred to as Clou) grandly presents "EES Europe 2019 Munich International Battery Energy Storage Technology Expo"(Booth C2.211), showing its newly developed household ESS Power Box, NCM rack/module/cell, LFP rack/module/cell, PCS series product, EV charger and a full range of ESS solutions to global customers.


EES Europe is the largest and most influential professional battery energy storage exhibition in Europe. It has gathered all the world's well-known enterprises to create an ideal exchange event for suppliers, manufacturers, dealers and users of energy storage solutions, it also provides a global display platform for CLOU.

Relying on its competitive products, novel presentation proposal and energy storage solutions covering the whole industry chain, CLOU has successfully enter in the market of Europe, North America and Australia. The exhibition attracted a large number of visitors, and a large number of customers came to CLOU booth for consultation and negotiation.



Aiming at the overseas market, CLOU specially exhibited its newly developed household energy storage system Power Box, which attracts many guests. The system can be used with solar energy to store the residual energy generated by PV, and supply power to families at night or in peak power consumption, effectively reducing the dependence of household electricity on the public grid, and saving electricity costs. The battery system adopts LG LFP battery, which has higher energy density and security. The whole machine adopts integrated and modular design, convenient installation, and can effectively save the floor space. The system has a variety of operation modes, which can meet the power demand of customers in different application scenarios.

In addition, CLOU also displays its first 7kW household charging pile in Europe, which can adjust the charging power according to the energy scheduling of power box, so that users can maintain the most economical power consumption mode. Many overseas customers expressed their full interest in CLOU power box at the exhibition, hoping to further confirm for the cooperative promotion scheme of the product in the overseas market.


      The NCM battery rack / module / cell and LFP battery rack / module / cell are also on display at CLOU exhibition stand. CLOU NCM battery rack/module/cell adopt LG NCM battery. CLOU and LG Chemical work together to develop and build a high automation punch lithium-ion battery production line, which realizes the automatic production from incoming materials to final inspection. Its advanced technology level and high automation rate ensure the high cycle life and consistency of the battery system. The NCM battery rack / module / cell and LFP battery rack / module / cell adopt three level BMS architecture and four level battery protection strategy to protect the safety of the battery cell. Modular design is adopted from battery rack, module to cell, with flexible capacity configuration. CLOU's NCM battery rack / module / cell and LFP battery rack / module / cell in this exhibition have passed IEC, TÜV and UL certification.

      In addition, CLOU has its own PCS, which covers 50KW ~ 1500kW. All models are designed in accordance with IEEE standards, and can meet the requirements of various application scenarios through IEC, t-220v and UL certification.


      Since the development of energy storage system in 2009, CLOU has completed the integration of core technologies such as energy storage battery, PCS, BMS, EMS through 10 years and formed a perfect industrial chain of technology accumulation, which makes the products have absolute core competitive advantages in quality, cost, efficiency and other aspects. CLOU energy storage core products include utility-scale energy and power type, residential ESS power box, cloud-platform ESS and energy management system, which can provide perfect energy storage system solutions according to different application fields, and have excellent system integration ability.

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