Embrace the Future—CLOU Showcases the Cutting-edge Products at Intersolar 2023


As one of the earliest public enterprises in China that specializes in integrated energy storage systems, Shenzhen CLOU Electronics Co, Ltd develops comprehensive competence in energy storage system integration, innovation, and independent R&D in core components since 2009. With our deep understanding of ESS and outstanding services, over 3GWh has been delivered worldwide mainly in utility and C&I application by May 2023.


At Intersolar Europe 2023, CLOU showcases the Aqua liquid-cooling energy storage series, NEPCSO-2000 large-scale energy storage inverters, C&I Energy Storage Systems, and air-cooling battery racks, fully demonstrating the diversity of its portfolio. It is also the debut of space and performance optimized Aqua liquid-cooled energy storage series are displayed outside of China.

The Aqua Liquid Cooling series consists of three standard products:

The Aqua-C   4.18MWh standard (20-foot container) energy storage system,

The Aqua-E   420KWh capacity extended cabinet,

The Aqua-E Pro   200KW/420KWh commercial and industrial energy storage system.

Compared to the previous generation of products, the Aqua series products have an increase of 35% in service life, exceeding 10,000 cycles, and 38% higher energy density, with a 30% reduction in auxiliary power consumption. Utilizing intelligent liquid cooling temperature control technology and comprehensive temperature monitoring, the system-level temperature difference is kept within 5, significantly enhancing system consistency and lifespan.

Aqua-C supports side-by-side installation, which can save more than 50% of floor space. Aqua-E can be paired with Aqua-C for capacity expansion applications, and Aqua-E Pro, as an independent system, can be applied to commercial and industrial energy storage.

The Aqua series products are equipped with DC/DC cluster -level management, enabling a high usable capacity of up to 99.5%. Additionally, the entire series is equipped with an active balancing system, which can shorten debugging and maintenance time by more than 40%.

In addition to the Aqua Liquid-Cooling series, the CLOU NEPCSO-2000 PCS achieves multiple protections and has an efficiency of over 99% when multiple voltage sources are connected in parallel. The independent outdoor cabinet design supports for multiple machine parallel connection, enable quick deployment and installation. The C&I Energy Storage System features high power, high energy density, extended cycling capability, and high level of safety.


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